I cannot view or control the Android device ? >>

You can connect to the Android device, and you can perhaps see the desktop on the remote Android device – BUT – you have no input control. Or you cannot even see the screen.

To protect you, many Android devices  – by default – do not permit applications to view or inject input.

Therefore you have to ensure the permission prompts shown during installation / first run are accepted. The WiseMo Host app may also prompt you to download and install a “remote control add-on” app. Make sure to do that when prompted.  A cause of error is if there are more than one remote control add-on installed. Another cause is if an in-correct add-on is installed.

In case of issues, un-install any remote control add-on and also un-install the WiseMo Host app. Then re-install the Host app, and make sure you accept any permission prompts shown, and if prompted to, install the remote control add-on via the link suggested.

Visit this WiseMo page to learn more and to trouble shoot the situation:  more

Another reason for no input control, is if the security settings defined for the WiseMo Host module installed on the Android device has been configured to NOT permit keyboard control, or to not permit remote desktop control at all.

NOTICE: Make sure you use latest build of the Android Host app, especially if you experience any issues. Download latest build from Google Play and for Samsung devices from Galaxy store or directly from WiseMo, e.g. here.