Android Host troubleshooting

Full Remote Desktop support of an Android device means the ability to capture the screen and display it on the WiseMo Guest module and the ability to simulate touch and keyboard input.

Depending on device manufacturer, device model and Android version, different remote control methods are used to capture the screen and simulate input.

In general, you should follow and accept the suggestions made by the Android Host when first started. This involves accepting permission requests, and in most cases downloading and installing a WiseMo Add-on module.

The Host status screen display the Remote Control method used, in this example, the Universal add-on method is used:

Host status screen showing remote control method used

If the Host status screen instead displays “Remote Control: None”, the device is likely not properly configured or in case of an older device, it may be unsupported.

If the WiseMo Guest shows an info screen about the  device not being properly configured for remote control, it’s usually because some of the configuration steps for the Host module on the device has been skipped or not completed correctly – or on older devices because the device is not supported.

Info screen shown when connecting to a device that has not yet been fully configured.

Depending on device manufacturer, device model and Android version two fundamental issues might occur:

  1. The Android screen is not shown by the Guest module
  2. Touch and keyboard input doesn’t work when simulated from the Guest module

The WiseMo Host supports Android’s built-in screen capture from Android 5. Devices running Android 4 and earlier require other methods and are supported via Add-on modules or via manufacturer specific APIs.

WiseMo provides a Universal Add-on distributed via Google Play that works on most newer devices (Android 8+) and a number of Add-on modules specific to each device/manufacturer. A specific Add-on module will typically provide support for both screen capture and touch and keyboard input.

Another method for full Remote Desktop support is via manufacturer specific APIs. These APIs might only be available on some Android versions or require installable extensions from the manufacturer.

On Android 5 and newer the reason for not seeing the screen is typically that the screen recording prompt that appears on the Host device hasn’t been accepted:

Android prompt to allow screen capture

If the Remote Desktop screen on the Guest doesn’t show anything, it might be because the wrong Add-on or multiple Add-ons are installed on the Host device.

Failure to simulate touch and keyboard input is shown in the Guest module in the status bar or as toast messages.

Below we list the different remote control methods available and how to troubleshoot.