Development through experience

WiseMo software is the result of many years of remote control experience. On the timeline below, you can see how industry changes have shaped WiseMo and the software we create.

The dawn of remote control software

With the introduction of the Intel 80386 processor in 1985, the proliferation of computers in businesses grew exponentially.

Ole Bjørn Setnes and Søren Peter Andersen met at the newly started Netop software and quickly began working on a way to remotely control these new systems.

Getting ready to go mainstream

Windows 3.1 was released to the public in April, 1992. Introducing workgroups that would further solidify the need for business-class remote control software.

Andersen and Setnes focused on releasing Remote Control Software for the DOS- and Windows- based systems of the day. Jakob Bohm joins the team.

Rise of the machines

With the release of Windows 98, the PC was starting to become a fixture in all businesses and most homes.

By now, the software the team helped create had won numerous editors’ awards and sold thousands of units to more than 80 countries worldwide.

A mobile odyssey

PDAs and mobile phones started appearing in droves at the start of the 2000s. Compaq, HP, Nokia were quickly becoming household names and popping up in the briefcases and pockets of businesspeople across the world.

The software that these devices were built upon, Windows CE Mobile and Symbian, was the next target. WiseMo’s founders could see the future potential for handheld computers.

Smartphones as we know them

The Smartphone hits its stride with Apple’s iPhone in 2007, bringing the promise of handheld computers to life. New software trends and concepts are an almost daily occurrence after the App Store is introduced. Your pocket would never be the same again.

Andersen, Setnes and Bohm leave Netop to focus on a new, yet to be named company.

Mobile devices everywhere

With backing from companies like Google, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and many more, Smartphones – and Tablets –  quickly become the norm for business users. They make it easy to present, collaborate and stay in touch – even when users are out of the office.

Andersen and Setnes found WiseMo A/S. Bohm joins shortly after.

Touching the future

New innovations are constantly being brought to the market, challenging us to rethink the way we interact with technology – and each other.

At WiseMo, we’re confident that the mobile device market will continue to be a central part of business strategies for the future. And we’re developing new remote control tools and functionality to optimise and add value to support workflows and system management.