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WiseMo software gives you the power to remotely reach, control and support PCs and Servers, Mac computers, Tablets, Smartphones and other mobile or embedded devices from any location.

With our software, You’re only a click away from viewing a remote device screen and controlling its keyboard – from anywhere – your PC, Browser, Tablet or Smartphone.

WiseMo products connect via the Internet or via a network controlled by you (WiFi, LAN, WAN).

Reach Android devices from anywhere

Remote control over the Internet

It is just like being there (video, 39 sec.)

To prepare a remote PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone or other mobile device for access, you install a WiseMo Host module on it.

To access a computer or device with a WiseMo Host installed, you run a WiseMo Guest module on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone or from supported browsers on PC, Mac or Linux.

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