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WiseMo software gives you the power to remotely reach, control and support PCs and Servers, Mac computers, Tablets, Smartphones and other mobile or embedded devices, no matter how far away they are located.

With our software, You’re only a click away from viewing the remote device screen and controlling its keyboard – from anywhere – using your PC, Browser, Tablet or Smartphone.

WiseMo products connect via the Internet or via a network controlled by you (WiFi, LAN, WAN).

Reach devices from anywhere

Reach any device anywhere

It is just like being there (video, 39 sec.)

To prepare a remote PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone or other mobile device for access, you install a WiseMo Host module on it.

To access a computer or device with a WiseMo Host installed, you run a WiseMo Guest module on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone or access from a supported browser.

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Advanced remote support, remote management and remote access tools are built directly into the WiseMo Guest and Host software to give you secure remote control of your fleet of devices, PCs, Servers and Mac computers.

  • Connect to and support PCs, Servers, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets and other devices – on your local network – or do it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Connect to and monitor or manage un-attended devices and computers, for example Windows Servers, Info terminals, etc.
  • Monitor and assist users on computers and devices anywhere.
  • Transfer files, view documents and show presentations – remotely.
  • Turn any computer into your home office and work on the go.
  • Safely access your important or sensitive software programs and documents off-site.
  • Collect system information from your entire fleet of devices, Mac and PCs.
  • Remotely manage and control devices with a built-in CPU, for example: ATMs, handheld scanners, including Zebra devices, information kiosks, industrial automation stations and meters – do it from your Smartphone, Tablet, Windows PC or Mac.
  • Trouble shoot remote systems anywhere,
  • Reach your Smartphone or Tablet, even when you left it at home.
  • Remote control your Smartphone from the comfort of your desktop computer, transfer files and folders back and forth, or easily copy/paste clipboard between mobile and desktop computer. All done via WiFi or the mobile data network.