Remote control Zebra device

See the Zebra device on your PC

View the screen and control it – as if the device is in front of you

Transfer files and folders

Over the Internet, or via your LAN / WAN

Zebra hand-held device remote control from Windows PC. Android device shown windowed, Motorola CE device shown floating. Split screen file transfer window with copy, move, sync. and clone features.

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Saving you time and money

You control the device like it was right in front of you:

  • Instant access to the device – no matter where it is, or where you are !
  • Work remotely on the device, as if you had it in your hands
  • Reach attended and un-attended devices
  • Solve user problems or system issues right away
  • Support for Android based as well as Windows CE and Mobile based devices

Try the most powerful remote control solution for professionals and enjoy the benefits of being in total control – from anywhere.

  • Take control from your Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac / Linux
  • Connect via WiFi, Mobile data network, LAN / WAN, using Internet or TCP/IP directly
  • Securely reach the devices – high encryption levels, and strong authentication, centrally managed !
  • File transfer with split-screen, drag & drop, delta transfer, etc.
  • Stunning speed – also over long distances
  • View and control, Chat, File Transfer,  Inventory HW / SW

and much more…….   Try for yourself – free for 30 days, no credit card needed

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Zebra device control – from anywhere
Internet / LAN / WAN