List of WiseMo video’s

In addition to our Guides you may benefit from consulting our video clips, see below. More videos can also be found by signing into a myCloud domain.

Video 1:
Brief appetizer (39 sec.)

Video 2:
Remote control Samsung Smartphone from Chrome browser

Video 3:
Remote control Win Mobile/CE device from Chrome browser

Video 4:
Remote control Windows PC from Chrome browser

Video 5:
myCloud and remote control from browser – Tutorial

Video 6:
Remote desktop access to iPhone from Windows computer

Video 7:
Gestures on Mobile Guests – Tutorial

Video 8:
How to sign-up for myCloud remote control trial – Tutorial

Video 10:
Brief guide on preparing Zebra device and how to remote control it.

Video 11:
Android Host with Universal add-on for view and control.