How can I deploy the Windows Host / do silent installation >>

The Windows Host module is installed by using an MSI file. The MSI installation copies files to the disk and makes various Windows registrations to setup the Host. The Windows Host module needs a license file and a configuration file present prior to first run – otherwise it will prompt for user input, immidiately after the installation via the .MSI file.

A. For installation using myCloud:

IF installed from a myCloud deployment link, and assuming the target computer has internet access, the installation picks up license and configuration from myCloud. Notice that You can upload a customized configuration to myCloud, which will then be used during installation.

B. For installation without access to myCloud:

WiseMo has made a transform file you can download, HostConfig.mst that copies a predefined Host configuration file (host.xml) and a license file (host.lic) to the target computer during installation.

Take the license file (host.lic) and configuration file (host.xml) from an already installed Host, that is properly configured and licensed.


Copy all 4 files (WsmHost-xxx.msi (the name might be different like WsmHost-18.0.2019.114r24956.msi), HostConfig.mst, Host.xml and Host.lic) to the same folder.

Open a Command prompt and go to the folder with the files and run:

msiexec /i WsmHost-xxx.msi TRANSFORMS=HostConfig.mst /passive

The “/passive” switch will skip the installation wizard. The installation can be completely silent by adding a “/quiet”.

Please note that the installation will require administrative privileges that the operating system (depending on version) will prompt for.

More command line switches:

msiexec.exe /i <msi_file> TRANSFORMS=<transform_file> [/quiet][/passive][/q{n|b|r|f}]

  • /quiet – quiet mode (there is no user interaction)
  • /passive – unattended mode (the installation shows only a progress bar)
  • /q – set the UI level:
    • n – no UI
    • n+ – no UI except for a modal dialog box displayed at the end.
    • b – basic UI
    • b+ – basic UI with a modal dialog box displayed at the end. The modal box is not displayed if the user cancels the installation. Use qb+! or qb!+ to hide the [ Cancel ] button.
    • b- – basic UI with no modal dialog boxes. Please note that /qb+- is not a supported UI level. Use qb-! or qb!- to hide the [ Cancel ] button.
    • r – reduced UI
    • f – full UI

Sample command line:

msiexec.exe /i WsmHost.msi TRANSFORMS=HostConfig.mst /passive /qn

C. Generally about MSI installation files

Modifying an MSI installation file will break its digital signature. The normal way to make changes to an MSI installation is therefore by using a transform file that applies its modifications to the standard MSI file.

Microsoft provides a tool, Orca for manipulating MSI files, so you can end up with only one installation file, containing the needed files (the host files itself, the license file host.lic, the configuration file host.xml). However this will break the WiseMo provided digital signature.

D. Silent installation with license key applied on command line

Copy the configuration file (host.xml) to the appropriate folder on the target computer first:
XCOPY “\\Server\SilentInstallationRepository\host.xml” “%ProgramData%\WiseMo\WiseMo RSM\Remote Desktop Host\” /V /Y

To install, you will need the license key you got when you purchased the Host or that you got in the trial mail. If you are installing a Host to be used with myCloud you can use this license key: WHW0180-27FZ-ZZ02DX-RQEY-000012

Then run the silent installation like this:
MSIEXEC.EXE /quiet /i “\\Server\SilentInstallationRepository\WsmHost.msi” WSM_BUILTIN_LICENSE_KEY=WHW0180-27FZ-ZZ02DX-RQEY-000012 /l “\\Server\SilentInstallationRepository\%computername%.log”

A log file will be saved.