Can I use Android Managed Configuration or Intune ? >>

Yes, it is possible to use Microsoft Intune to deploy the WiseMo Host app and also the WiseMo add-on module, if this module is needed.

The Android Host also supports Google Android managed configuration, so it is possible to deploy the Host app with defined  configurations. This also makes it possible to get changed configuration pushed out to Android devices that already has the WiseMo Host installed.

Intune and / or Android Managed Configuration can be beneficial for those with many devices – for ease of deployment, configuration and changes to configuration. As with Intune, WiseMo Android host works well with third party MDM tools that supports Android Managed Configuration.

See our document (pdf) on how to use WiseMo with Intune: click here
This document also describes the use of Android Managed Configuration (Appendix A, p.28).