Privacy policy for WiseMo A/S

Version 1.0 - 2012-08-15

Your privacy is important to us. As a provider of secure communications software and services, we know the importance of protecting your information.  Thus we have established this strong privacy policy to assure you that we will not misuse any information we receive about you.  This policy applies whether you are a company, an organization, a government entity, an individual or any group of individuals.

1. Categories of information

Our treatment of your information depends on the nature of the information and how we got it.

1.1 Anonymous statistics

Statistical data which has been reduced, so it contains no information about any single customer, entity or person and cannot be linked back to one either, may be used and even published.

1.2 Generic access logs

Logs of accesses to our web sites and servers are available only to trusted staff of WiseMo A/S and our subcontractors.  We may use this information to manage and improve our web sites and services, to support you and to extract one of the other types of information (which is then subject to those rules).

1.3 User Registrations

Information you provide about yourself and the products and services you have licensed from us may be used to support and maintain the delivery of those products and services to you, to inform you about things we believe may be of interest, to send you newsletters (electronic newsletters only if you subscribe to them), and to support and maintain the general workings of our products.  We will not sell this information to 3rd parties. We may share some of this information with our channel partner servicing your area.  If the product or service you acquire from us is clearly labeled as being from another vendor than WiseMo, we may also share some of this information with the vendor of that product or service.

1.4 Accounting information

Orders, invoices, bills, receipts for payments etc. will be retained as part of our accounting records for at least 5 years.  In addition to the uses permitted for User Registrations, accounting information may be available to auditors, tax authorities and others with the legal authority to inspect such records.

1.5 Credit card details

The details of credit cards and credit card authentication codes (such as the CVC code) used when paying us are handled by a professional 3rd party payment gateway (DIBS) which has been certified by banks /credit card companies to handle such information (VISA/MasterCard PCI certification). WiseMo does not have access to your detailed Credit Card information and we cannot and do not use it or store it.  We only have access to abbreviated information for use on receipts and confirmations that the payment has been completed successfully.

1.6 Processed data

The data that you store on or transmit through our services, as well as any other copies of your own private data which we may gain access to (e.g. in the course of handling a support request from you) will be kept in the strictest confidence, will be used exclusively to provide the services you requested us to perform on that data and will otherwise be ignored except in some cases to compute anonymous statistics as defined above.

2. Technology, cookies etc.

We may use any appropriate technology to protect, process, handle and obtain the information covered by this policy, including cookies, pictures, encryption, paper etc.  This policy applies regardless of the methods and technology used.

2.1 Processing in other countries

The computer systems, people and subcontractors processing data under this policy may be located anywhere and in any country.  By providing us with data subject to this policy, you consent to the processing of that data occurring in a country other than your own and/or in your country.

2.2 Opting out of cookies

You can opt out of the use of cookies in those WiseMo services that use them by simply using the standard cookie management features of your web browser.   Beware however that some of our services may not function properly if you do so.

3. General exceptions

Regardless of the rules above, the following situations are exempted:

3.1 Your requests

If you ask us to do something that requires that we access your data, we may access your data to do so.

Similarly if you explicitly grant us additional permissions beyond those in this policy, those permissions apply to your data regardless of this policy.

3.2 Law enforcement

If the applicable authorities make a valid legal request requiring us to reveal some of your data, we may comply with such requests regardless of this policy.  We are not responsible for the actions of Law enforcement agencies and/or their officers.

3.3 Self defense and exigent circumstances

If we believe in good faith that you are harming or threatening us or the systems and services we use, including but not limited to unreasonable overloads, sending unsolicited bulk email ("Spam") etc., we may disregard this policy to investigate and protect ourselves.  The same applies if you appear to be using our systems or services to do so to others.

3.4 Non-payment etc.

If you fail to pay our invoices on time or a payment bounces, we may use any information at our disposal to locate you and identify you for debt collecting purposes, regardless of this policy.  The same applies if you attempt to deceive us in any way.

3.5 Imposters

If you or a 3rd party pretend to be someone else, we might erroneously act in reliance on the truthfulness of such pretence, thus accessing, using or sharing information in a way that would have been permitted only if the pretence was the truth. Additionally we might use any information at our disposal to discover or prevent such a situation, but do not warrant that we will always succeed in doing so.

3.6 Subcontractors

We may employ subcontractors to work on our behalf, and so may you.  Such subcontractors are allowed to do what their principal may do and each party is responsible for actions legitimately done on their behalf.

4. Disputes, choice of law etc.

4.1 In case of dispute

If you have any questions regarding this policy or believe someone is not complying with it or otherwise using your information unlawfully, you should contact us at our complaints address abuse@wisemo.com, or contact our CEO directly.  Both we and you shall be prepared to negotiate a reasonable amicable solution and seek to avoid formal legal proceedings.

4.2 Choice of law

This policy shall be construed and interpreted according to the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark, except for those rules that would specify a different choice of law and/or venue.  In particular, this policy is subject to the various data protection laws of Denmark as well as the statutory and customary limits on financial damages.

4.3 Choice of venue

If a formal legal dispute related to this policy is to be settled by formal mediation or court proceedings, such proceedings shall be brought before the courts or other legal institutions having ordinary geographical jurisdiction over the primary residence or place of business of the party against whom such proceedings are brought. Unless otherwise agreed, the primary residence or place of business of each party is the one specified in pre-dispute business communication amongst the parties or (at the other party's choice) the place specified in pertinent official public records.

4.4 Attorneys fees etc.

If a matter is settled without formal legal proceedings, neither party shall be required to pay any attorneys fees or other case handling fees of the other.  If formal legal proceedings are brought, the prevailing party shall be entitled to payment of actual reasonable attorney's fees, legal fees, actual court fees etc.



5. How to contact us

Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please contact us at info@wisemo.com.

6. Changes to this policy

Each non-draft version of this policy shall be identified by a version number and date of publication, both of which shall be increased upon any change.  Changes that entirely benefit you, or merely change our location or contact address take effect immediately upon publication.  Changes that go beyond that take effect 30 days after publication.